Terms & Condition


To improve your shopping experience we constantly come up with new strategies. We have developed our terms and conditions to clearly demonstrate how we function towards the respective sections of our website. We recommend our viewers to read our policies as violating them will ultimately get you reported, the user will be banned from the website. Please read all the terms and conditions before shopping using our one-stop shop, we care about your security.


There are certain limitations in this industry. Dealing completely through digital mediums might limit the usage. However, our dedicated representatives are functioning back and forth to provide you with a smooth and great shopping experience.

A clear guidance is provided on our website regarding the factors associated with online shopping. We are here to answer your queries. Considering the limitations, you can always seek help on other platforms and our representatives will get back to you.

Information Available on Website

At Closetster  we try our level best to provide our customers with accurate information, whether related to the products, on-going offers or new arrivals. Human errors are expected which might sometimes affect the accuracy. The information and services are applicable within the premises of the United States.

You might experience a difference in the colours of the actual product and that is shown in the pictures. Colours appear to be different on different screens of the devices but our brand promise to provide you with the best along with the accurate representation.

The images portrayed in the banners are for website purpose only and are not the sole representation of the products.

Prices of Products

Closetster  always offers the customers economical prices as mentioned on our main page. We believe in quality and affordability together. There might be a slight change in the prices over time. The prices may vary based on the differences in sizes, colour or similar product. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service representatives for your queries.

Payment and Tax

The moment you place an order on Closetster  we will ask about your credit or debit card details. Confidentiality is maintained at our utmost, you can also view our privacy policy if there are any doubts. We will deduct the payment as soon as the order is confirmed through your side. In case Closetster  fails to fulfil your order, we will refund your amount within a span of 2 days. For more information please review our refund policy.


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